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3pm - Tee or Sweat


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3pm on a Saturday. Match day. A tradition for the football purists. Picture the scene. The streets are teeming with supporters; scarves are held aloft; the smell of fried onions is thick in the air; the cry of ‘programmes, get your programmes’ is cutting through the hubbub of an excited crowd. Club crest badges are being pinned to jackets; match tickets are being stamped at the turnstiles; the crowd is vibrant with club colours. It’s Saturday afternoon and everyone is off to the match. Inside the ground the concourse is full of all kinds of people, the fans begin to file up and down the stadium steps and a great roar goes up as the players emerge from the tunnel. The noble time of 3pm on a Saturday remains a loyal constant, a signal to those at the top of the game that football will always belong to the people.