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AOF Goes International - Tee or Sweat


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The late 90’s. In popular culture it was Space Jam, Harry Potter and Britney and Justin in matching denim. In football it was Brazil and Zidane. France ’98 was a footballing festival packed with world class talent that impacted French culture and captivated the world. It was a month in history in which the love capital of the world made a new generation fall in love with the beautiful game. The 90s was an era of Brazilian magnificence and flair. The dancers of world football boasted a lineup that included the likes of Romario, Denilson, Juninho, Roberto Carlos and of course, an already crowned 2x Player of the Year, 21 year old Ronaldo. In a word.. drip. Having lost out on official World Cup sponsorship to Adidas, Nike took those Brazilian superstars, dropped them in an airport and Airport 98 was born. An iconic advert of the time. The host nation, France, played some sumptuous football throughout the tournament, no more so than against Ronaldo’s Brazilian boys. Zizou bagged two headers in the final and ran rings around everyone he came up against. 

France ’98 will always be remembered for its world class footballing talent. This design is our homage to the late ‘90s. France ’98, R9 tearing the world to shreds and the legendary Nike airport ad. A generation of pure class.